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January 2020

What is Juice Pulp and Why Should You Eat it?

Since its inception, Juice Brothers has always been interested in creating delicious products with minimal waste. For 2020, our two main goals have been shifting towards becoming a plastic-free company and reducing food waste. With this in mind, we are excited to share with you that we will be launching a few products in the coming months which have been developed from our juice pulp! JB was inspired to create these products after learning about the health benefits of pulp and how reducing our waste will help to benefit the planet.

Since we are constantly making fresh cold-pressed juice for our customers, JB accumulates a great deal of pulp. We realized that this pulp is perfectly edible and in fact provides the perfect ingredient for a variety of snacks!

Why Should You Eat Pulp?

Pulp is a great source of fiber
During Juice Cleanses, we often forget about the importance of keeping up our fiber intake. Pulp contains all the fiber of the fruit and vegetable and keeps our colons and guts happy. Fiber is a key element to a balanced diet and eating a diet high in fiber increases weight loss (when accompanied with drinking enough alkaline water!) and reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and IBS.

Pulp contains all the flavour of the original fruit or vegetable
Since we only use a cold pressed machines at JB, our pulp is never heated or compromised in any way. Using it in its raw form maintains all the flavour of your juice, but with the added benefit of fiber!

Promoting Waste Consciousness and Sustainability
Our choice to use our own Juice Pulp in our products allows JB to promote sustainability within the food industry. We are keenly aware of how the food industry negatively impacts the environment, which is why being 100% vegan is so important to us. By choosing products that have been created consciously to reduce waste, you are joining us in our movement towards a better and healthier world!

Our first product we are rolling out is Pulp Crackers! Made from dehydrated vegetable pulp such as spinach, kale, beet, carrot, and celery, our crackers deliver the benefits of a green juice but with fiber and protein to keep you glowing and your belly full. We use only gluten-free oats and a mixture of seeds that satisfy any carb cravings and can be eaten with your favourite hummus, or, in the near future, one of our almond pulp dips, which will be available before the end of the year, in perfect time for your holiday party platters!

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