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JuiceBrothers was founded in 2015 by 3 friends who shared the same dream: to produce juice in its purest form, without losing any flavour. They found their solution in the cold-pressed method already being used all over the United States. Once a cold-press machine had been imported and a chef had been hired to work his magic on the juice recipes, nothing stood in the way of the launch of the first JuiceBrothers store on Van Woustraat, Amsterdam. The company now has eight stores in the Netherlands and two in New York and one in Memphis.


Our juices are made from all-natural, fresh and organic products. Thanks to the cold-press machine all essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients are fully preserved. Two plates slowly move closer together, ensuring that the juice is literally freshly pressed. What comes out is the purest juice imaginable. By quickly mixing and bottling our juices, we ensure that they retain all of those wonderful nutrients we value so much. And voila! There you have it: your original JuiceBrothers juice.


All our food is always free of additives, chemical herbicides and pesticides, because we don’t want them in our bodies (and neither do you). So we keep our ingredients pure and stay far away from refined sugars and unhealthy fats. Because we bottle so many vitamins and minerals for you, you can consume our products guilt-free, without having to worry about your diet if you have a cheat day from time to time. (There’s no reason healthy-living can’t be fun, right?).

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