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Cold pressed juice

Our juices are made from all-natural, fresh and organic products. Thanks to the cold-press machine all essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients are fully preserved. Two plates slowly move closer together, ensuring that the juice is literally freshly pressed. What comes out is the purest juice imaginable. By quickly mixing and bottling our juices, we ensure that they retain all of those wonderful nutrients we value so much. And voila! There you have it: your original JuiceBrothers juice. We offer 15 flavors that boost your immunity system. Enjoy them by itself or combine them in a cleanse.

Homemade milks

We make the greatest homemade milks. Creamy, nutty, buttery, dairy-free, gluter-free, refined sugar-free, With great care we soak organic nuts for at least 10 hours before we blend and prepare them into the freshest homemade milk. Sweetened with coconut sugar, agave or lucuma. Great on its own, in a cleanse, or in your coffee.


An easy drinkable hydrating alkaline water based juice containing anti-inflammatory and immunity boosters. Our alkaline water contains a PH balance of 9.5. This means that the water is perfectly balanced tohydrate every cel in your body. Try the spicy mastercleanse or the gingerade with ginger and agave. The tonics also fit perfect in a juice cleanse.


Highly potent concentrated boosts for your well-being. Do you need a quick health boost? Feeling under the water? Sore troat? Take a shot. Besides the ginger and turmeric shots, we also offer a beauty shot with highly concentrated beets and acerola cherry and a natural hangover shot.


An icy and creamy beverage made from frozen fruits and vegetables. We are all about bringing powerful ingredients together in a powerful yet simple format. Our smoothies are easy drinkable and easy to digest. Smoothies contain fiber to satisfy your appetite and lots of vitamins and minerals to give you an anti inflammatory, antioxidant immunity boost.

Açai Bowls

Our bowls are a healthy decadence. Our best-seller is the açai bowl. The acai berry is originally from Brazil and is one of the most healthy fruits on earth. Containing many antioxidants and vitamins. The bowls is a creamy and thick blend of frozen fruits and vegetables. Poured into a bowl and topped with our home-made granola and fresh fruit. Try our all-time favorite the almond açai bowl, or a greener version with kale and spinach. Available in every Juicebrothers store.

Sustainabillity Products

Juicebrothers is working towards a zero waste policy! For 2020, our two main goals are shifting towards becoming a plastic-free company and reducing food waste. We have created a sustainable line with delicious products and minimal waste.

Vegan Treats

Craving sweets but don’t want any of the bad stuff? We feel you. We have an assortment of guilt-free vegan treats and snacks. Designed to restore and re-energize you with organic ingredients and delicious flavors. Our vegan cheesecake is a fan favorite, as well as the raw chocolate truffels and oatbars. The almond protein bar is also great before or after a workout. All the flavors are soft, naturally sweet and extremly addictive!

Van Leeuwen Icecream

The absolute best Ice cream of Amsterdam, and guess what? It’s vegan! From New York to Amsterdam, we bring you Van Leeuwen, exclusively available at Juicebrothers. The Ice-cream is made with coconuts, cashews and cacao butter.


Did you know coffee is also a superfood? Blommers Coffee is a micro roastery from Nijmegen, who delivers coffee with exceptional quality with unique flavours. We make delicious oat and almond cappucino’s, and some stores also offer specialty lattes like the beetroot latte and turmeric latte!

Protein Shakes

You need protein for optimal recovery after a workout. Our shakes are designed to perfection for that purpose! A shake with frozen fruits and added protein powder.


Make your own bowl and know exactly how much protein you are getting and how many calories. Nutribowls are farm to table style bowls, with an option for a build your own fully customizable, calorie counted, fresh and healthy bowl. Try them for lunch or dinner at Trainmore Oost